Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bloom's Taxonomy Part 3: Applying

This is the third in a series of six posts dedicated to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills with Interactive Online Content. Two previous posts on remembering and understanding can be viewed here and here.

Level Three: Apply

This level includes the skills of solving, illustrating, showing, classifying and completing. These activities require students to use their knowledge in a new situation. Students move beyond basic identification or comprehension and apply their knowledge of one or more concepts to answer more complex questions.

Here are two examples of online activities for applying:

K-2 Foam Phonemes

Students select foam letters and letter combinations to shoot into the air where they can join their selections to create words.

3-6 Paving Slabs Problem

Students use their knowledge of perimeter and area to figure out the number of paving slabs needed to enclose a rectangular garden area.

To learn about more activities for applying and to discover resources for remembering, understanding, analyzing, evaluating, and creating, sign up for StarrMatica’s free Webinars: Bloom’s Taxonomy for K-2 and Bloom’s Taxonomy for 3-6: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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