Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter Three: Creativity

Think Draw
Combine splashes of paint with flower images to create your own unique collage. Materials can be resized and rotated before being placed on the canvas.

Ink Blobs

Create a masterpiece by filling the canvas with colorful ink blobs.

This Is Sand

Click and move your mouse around the screen to create layered sand art.

Cloud Dreamer

Create your own cloud formation. Then, see it float through the sky.

Monkey Machine and Virtual Keyboard

Bring out your inner rocker by creating a unique song with this online drum kit and virtual keyboard.

Thanks @vanessascassie for sharing the Virtual Keyboard with me!

Compose Your Own Music

Place notes on the staff to compose your own music. Play back your creation and send it to a friend!

Music Box

Add pegs to this virtual music box to compose your own song. Add pegs across from one another to create chords and harmonies.

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