Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter Four: Just For Fun


The gophers are here to help you relieve some stress.--Great indoor recess activity!

A Walk On The Beach

Need a vacation? Take a walk on this virtual beach!


Fill a canvas with color simply by clicking and dragging your mouse. Change the speed at which you move the mouse pointer to add variety to your work.

Magic Gopher

Think of a number and let the magic gopher read your mind.

Magical Lanterns

Compose an original tune or just enjoy playing a random melody with these magical musical lanterns.

Monkey Music

Move the monkey around the screen to experiment with various sounds. Disclaimer: This one can get annoying if students are experimenting for an extended period of time. :)

Rodent Choir

An octave of rat voices is at your disposal to create a new song or play an old favorite--might I suggest “Happy Birthday”? I smell a new classroom birthday tradition brewing!

Reindeer Orchestra

The Reindeer Orchestra—it’s not just for holidays anymore! Compose a song or play a seasonal favorite.

Screen Clean

Make sure to clean the inside of your interactive whiteboard. This is sure to make your students smile!

Thanks @tomwhitby for making me laugh by sharing this resource.

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